Tenshin Online Training Course

Take your Aikido training to the highest level

tenshin shoubu aikido cody lewallen

Watch Class anytime

At a monthly subscription, watch the Shoubu Dojo Classes at any time, day or night. As a Tenshin Online member, you can log in anytime to watch your classes as many times as you like until the next set of classes are made available -every 2 weeks.

tenshin shoubu aikido cody lewallen

Study the Tenshin aikido technique directly from Lewallen Sensei

Learn directly from Cody Lewallen Sensei 5th dan, Tenshin Dojo Osaka Japan. Study a weeks worth of aikido training at one time!

tenshin shoubu aikido cody lewallen

It's all in the details!

Using the amazing technology of our time you can watch the highest ranking Tenshin Dojo instructor in the West apply the technique over and over again to squeeze out every single detail you might have missed in a traditional dojo.

tenshin shoubu aikido cody lewallen

Get access to the Tenshin Online Q&A

Read the detailed instructions of some of the finer points that get overlooked at your home dojo. Get the perspective of Lewallen Sensei and the Tenshin Aikido way including writings on Shinto, Oomoto, Aikido, the path of Budo, and living the martial way.

tenshin aikido shoubu cody lewallen

Qualify for private Skype lessons

Cover every angle of your martial study by getting Skype lessons with Lewallen Sensei. Learn directly from the source and get the most out of your time, and yourself.

tenshin shoubu aikido cody lewallen

Apply for affiliate dojo status

Become a member of the Shoubu Dojo family and deepen your relationship with Lewallen Sensei. In addition to regular skype lessons and consultation, you also get kyu and dan testing under the Shoubu Dojo with authentic Shoubu Dojo licenses and Tenshin/Shoubu Dojo gear.

Why Tenshin Online?

Tenshin Online is the only online training program that teaches authentic Tenshin Dojo Aikido techniques by the top-ranked teacher actually from the Tenshin Dojo. But, how do you learn Aikido anyway? You can’t just learn the coveted techniques from the famous Tenshin Dojo by watching a single how-to video. That is why this online class is so valuable. You get the actual experience of being a member of the dojo by seeing the techniques taught many times throughout your training, all taught with a different nuace in mind so the whole technique is learned in a deep and meaningful way, not just a 2 dimensional rigid explanation. Being a member of the Tenshin Online training program gives you ALL the different experiences from being in the actual dojo. In addition, you will receive the historical, philosophical and tactical background you need to understand the whole of the techniques, and the heart of Tenshin Aikido. Don’t settle for instant gratification or the smash-and-grab, learn Tenshin Aikido the way it was meant to be, like the forging of a sword, hard work, dedication, and constant improvement are the only way to the top.  Do you have what it takes?

Check out this sample video!

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Tenshin Online videos have been tested to work on all Apple devices. However, if you use an Android or PC and can not view this video, try downloading the Microsoft Edge Browser.  It works on all platforms and devices tested.

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