Affiliate Program

The Shoubu Dojo Affiliate program is a relationship between teacher and student where the head of a dojo decides to apply for the right to be under the Shoubu Dojo not only as a student, but as a satellite school under the tutelage of Lewallen Sensei. The satellite school will receive one Skype private lesson a month and the right to get more, Skype exams, and authentic Shoubu Dojo certification for those who meet the qualifications. They will also have access to Shoubu Dojo gear (dogi patches, t-shirts etc.) and the Shoubu Dojo handbook written by Lewallen Sensei. Becoming a member of the Shoubu Dojo family is not for everyone as we are strict in our policies, technique, and training style. If you are one of the lucky to become a member, you will be embarking on a journey that will take you further than you can imagine.

The Affiliate Program is billed by dojo size.  EVERY student in the satellite school taking part in the Affiliate Program gets 50% their very own membership to the Tenshin Online Training Program.

Affiliate Program pricing is as follows:

The membership fee of satellite school with 1-10 students is 200USD per month.

The membership fee of satellite school with 11-20 students is 300USD per month.

The membership fee of satellite school with 21-30 students is 400USD per month.

The membership fee of satellite school with 31 and over students is 500USD per month.

Please fill out the application form below to get a more in-depth look into the qualifications, prices and policies.  Only do so if you are sincere in joining the program.

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