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The Tenshin Online Affiliate Aikido training program is a subscription based online class that allows your dojo to study with the only teacher of his rank that actually studied at the Tenshin Dojo in Japan. This is your opportunity to learn the highly sought out Tenshin style Aikido from Cody Lewallen Sensei, the highest ranking Tenshin Dojo black belt in the United States. Cody Lewallen earned his black belt in Aikido at the Aikido Tenshin Dojo, the school founded by Miyako Fujitani and action star Steven Seagal. 

He did not just become an affiliate from abroad but he actually lived in Japan, a loyal student at the Tenshin Dojo in Osaka for over 11 years. 

In fact, because he learned to speak Japanese during his lengthy stay in Japan, he not only studied Aikido but weaponry, Shinto, and Oomoto Kyo as well. Because of his intensive study in Osaka at the Tenshin Dojo for so many years, and his continued practice, 19 years later Lewallen Sensei was awarded a 5th degree black belt in Aikido. There are thousands of “5th degree black belts” out there, but at the Tenshin Dojo, keeping to the tradition and the full meaning of that rank, Cody Lewallen is only one of a hand full of students to reach that rank from the Tenshin Dojo.  He also has black belts in Sword, Stick, and Knife Fighting.

 Most Aikido teachers only can teach a movement, but in becoming a member of the Tenshin Online Aikido training program, you have access to a teacher who studied in Japan, speaks Japanese, learned at the source and studied not only Aikido, but the philosophies and ideologies that produced it, giving his students the whole picture of Aikido.

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“ I teach Aikido in Brazil but something was missing. Luckily I found Lewallen Sensei online. I was amazed at his technique. It is so clean and effective. I reached out, became a member of Lewallen Sensei’s online course, and now my dojo is a Shoubu Dojo affiliate so we get skype classes and testing.  I love his technique, it is the best I have ever seen, and I can’t wait to bring him to my dojo in person. ”  

Paulo S.

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